Welcome dear friend of tales!

You want to learn how to tell stories? - You want to bring joy to people of all ages through fairy tales and stories? - Perhaps you'd like to practice the profession of the world's oldest oral tradition?


Then, welcome to the world of good stories - freely told aloud.


Take a look here! - You'll find everything that the world of good stories has waiting for you: from weekend seminars to educational series, from storytelling trips to voice training.


Of course, we'll gladly speak to you personally (as storytellers tend to do).

"As every art telling stories freely aloud starts with learning the basic craft,  which becomes a masterpiece through its practise and an arts through adding love and creativity"  


(from the Präambel of the "Stiftung Erzählen")

As we have been invited for different educational programs in different countries over the years, we are now also offering some of our courses in english: -> Story telling Courses


If you are interested to offer these seminars also in your institution or need some customized course based on our offerings, we are happy to consult with you!

Current Offerings:

The storytelling year 2017 - an overview
Erzählzeitung Goldmund 2017 für download
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The storytelling journey 2017 to Toscany
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How to become a professional storyteller - our trainings
Lehrgangsflyer2018 mail.pdf
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Stiftung Erzählen (The Storytelling Foundation) recommends Goldmund's Seminars. Our certification course is the only one of its kind in the German-speaking area accepted by Stiftung Erzählen.